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Our work in sustainability is very important to the Maverick team - especially during our productions. It’s very easy to forget about our footprint when we are so busy recreating a life for the camera.

As members and ambassadors of Green The Bid a member organization focused on sustainability in commercial production, we have pledged to do everything we can to be mindful and accountable for all of our productions.


The diverse portfolio of talent

Our top priority is working with world-class talent with diverse perspectives in front and behind the camera.


Throughout every stage of our production, diversity and inclusivity is at the forefront as it plays an integral part in what we believe and stand for at Maverick. 


One part of our mission is to “embrace all people.” As such we always have a diverse cast and crew throughout all of our productions. 


We are also advocates and supporters of the Free The Work organization AND the Double The Line initiative.

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