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Maverick also provides high level global production services, with extensive experience in US, Canada, Southeast Asia, South America, India, China, and Europe. We offer an extensive range of broadcast, stills and experiential production services, providing support every step of the way. From local expertise and regulation compliance to crew and vendor selection, location scouting, casting, and top-tier equipment.

Our comprehensive, on the ground knowledge spans local resources and relationships, laws, customs, permits, geography, climate, and politics.

No matter the size or scope of the project, Maverick excels in adapting its resources to suit alternative production approaches, ensuring the production receives the same high-quality service that defines our biggest projects. 

Within our production processes, as Maverick's, we strategize and plan deeply into HOW to bring the creative into reality. We apply this to every stage and is documented in our production proposals and production books.

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