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Born and raised in Mumbai, India, Mikhail Mehra initially pursued a career in Astrophysics to answer existential questions through science. However, struggling academically, Mikhail turned to movies for escape, amassing bootleg DVDs and eventually moving to San Francisco for film school. Immersed in the city's underground music scene, Mikhail began documenting events, leading to the creation of the production company "Motion Eccentrica." Dropping out of school, Mikhail worked with revered artists, touring globally. In 2012, upon returning to India, Mikhail launched "Oji," a company bringing international artists to Indian concerts. Quickly growing Oji, Mikhail produced Major Lazer's "Lean On" video and orchestrated large-scale music festivals. Through Oji, Mikhail gained extensive experience in leadership, marketing, and content creation, culminating in a partnership between Diplo and Bollywood legend Shah Rukh Khan. These diverse experiences inform Mikhail's unpredictable journey as a filmmaker.

Mikhail Mehra


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