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Vinny Anand and Ronald Austin, Jr. are a dynamic directing duo known for their unique blend of skills and shared passion for storytelling. Vinny, a true triple threat as a producer, director, and nice guy, has navigated the entertainment industry with grace and foresight, earning recognition from the Sundance Episodic Script Lab and working with A-list stars like Emily Blunt. His collaborations span iconic brands like Disney, Armani, Hypebeast, and Net-A-Porter, always showcasing his dedication to connecting with audiences. Ronald, initially an engineer, discovered his true calling in production, driven by the philosophy that art shapes reality. As Co-Founder of Forty Love, Ronald has produced and directed impactful campaigns for brands like Brunello Cucinelli and Net-A-Porter, and worked with renowned photographers such as Tyler Mitchell and Frank Ockenfels. Together, their creative synergy and ability to push artistic boundaries have made them formidable forces in film and commercial production. Beyond their professional achievements, Ronald's commitment to sustainability and his dream of owning a farm reflect their shared vision for a meaningful impact both on and off the set.

Ron & Vinny


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