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Stacey Kelly is an award-winning director known for creating viral videos for entertainment brands, captivating audiences for iconic companies such as BuzzFeed, Viacom, Amazon, Netflix, Warner Bros, and Studio71. She pitched, directed, and produced the series "YouTube Influencer Surprise" for Rainn Wilson's Soul Pancake channel, which ran for two seasons and brought joy to millions during the pandemic. Stacey spearheaded the video strategy for VidCon, growing its second YouTube and TikTok channels from zero to 100k subscribers in six months. She also developed and produced Snapchat series for the Wishbone app, skyrocketing their viewership from 300k to 2 million daily unique views. Stacey co-developed and directed series for GoldieBlox and has directed hundreds of brand videos for BuzzFeed Tasty, Nifty, As/Is, and Michelle Phan’s lifestyle channel, Icon. She has worked with everyone from YouTube influencers to industry giants like Amazon, Nike, L’Oréal, Olay, and The Home Depot. A finalist for the 2012 Disney Director's Fellowship, Stacey is currently sweeping the 2023 film festival circuit with her comedy "Party Girl." She has worked in production on "Inception," "Law & Order," "Grey's Anatomy," "Scandal," and various commercials. A leader advocating for diversity and inclusion, Stacey has participated on panels for Studio71, Viacom Recruiting, Young Storytellers, Ithaca College, and the Producers Guild of America. In 2024, she will shift focus from producing to passion projects and serving as a strategist and director for commercial brands and creative businesses.

Stacey Kelly


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